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Stopping Sarcoidosis One Snowflake at a Time

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Help us make more progress in sarcoidosis research and patient support initiatives possible in 2023! 
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From now until the end of 2022, we invite the sarcoidosis community to join us in our efforts in Stopping Sarcoidosis One Snowflake at a Time!

This year has resulted in incredible momentum and progress in sarcoidosis research initiatives as well as support to those impacted by sarcoidosis! NOW is the moment that we can make real change happen but we need your help. We hope you will consider donating to help us raise $40,000 by December 31, 2022 to ensure that in 2023 we continue to make groundbreaking strides in supporting our community and driving research to bring us closer to a cure.

Share your #SnowflakeStory today!
Sarcoidosis is known as a snowflake disease because no two cases are alike. It can affect each person differently, and that means that every person it impacts has a unique and powerful story. From now until the end of the year, FSR will be sharing #Snowflakestories which are the messages community members have shared that make their sarcoidosis journey unique and what they are hopeful about for the future.
By sharing these stories, we hope to create a powerful blizzard together to raise awareness and support for each individual impacted by sarcoidosis!

Click here to view the Snowflake Stories!

On behalf of all of us at FSR, we thank you and wish you and yours a happy holiday!

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