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Welcome to Team Auntie Sassy's Sarc Team's Steps for Sarc Team Page

Auntie Sassy's Sarc Team

Auntie Sassy's Sarc Team

To celebrate April’s Sarcoidosis Awareness Month, my team Team Auntie Sassy's Sarc Team and I have joined the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research in the Steps for Sarc Campaign! Because we still cannot come together physically, we will be participating in the virtual FSR step challenge to raise awareness and help support FSR’s mission – stop sarcoidosis. Steps for Sarc is a virtual step and fundraising challenge with the goal to amplify our message and connect with sarcoidosis warriors around the world.

During April’s Sarcoidosis Awareness Month, Team Auntie Sassy's Sarc Team will be completing our steps so that together we can reach 9 MILLION steps collectively or complete the equivalent of 4,500 miles. I need you to help Team Auntie Sassy's Sarc Team meet our fundraising goal of $1,500 to help fund FSR’s research programs and patient support initiatives this year.

By supporting Team Auntie Sassy's Sarc Team in Steps for Sarc, you will be contributing to the progress made towards FSR’s research agenda, groundbreaking sarcoidosis research projects, as well as FSR’s comprehensive Patient Education and Resource Programs. The sarcoidosis community, Team Auntie Sassy's Sarc Team, and I greatly appreciate your generosity and support!

I hope you will join me and Team Auntie Sassy's Sarc Team this month and help achieve our goals by:
1. Making a donation to our the Team Auntie Sassy's Sarc Team fundraising page
2. Joining our team, Team Auntie Sassy's Sarc Team, in the Steps for Sarc challenge and so together we can make strides towards a cure
3. Share this page link with your friends and family on social media and invite them to join our team Team Auntie Sassy's Sarc Team to help raise awareness for sarcoidosis

Every step and dollar makes a huge difference in the lives of those living with sarcoidosis and our pursuit for a cure!

Thank you!


Click here for more information on sarcoidosis and the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research.


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