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Everybody's Steppin' for the Weekend

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Everybody's Steppin' for the Weekend 
April 24th - April 25th 

FSR will be devoting the last weekend in April to encourage everyone to get out to step and fundraise as much as possible!  
On Sunday, April 25th, we invite everyone to get their steps in by dancing with FSR to our Everybody’s Steppin for the Weekend playlist which will be on Spotify! Whether you can dance and step around your living room, backyard, dog park, or grocery store we want to everyone to join in the party and help us reach our goal. FSR recommends all participants follow CDC guidelines pertaining to events and gatherings of any size as well as practicing the use of masks and social distancing. For additional information on CDC guidelines, click here

Everybody’s Steppin’ for the Weekend will take over FSR’s social media and we will spotlight your walk by tagging FSR on social media. Post a photo or selfie using the Everybody’s Steppin for the Weekend frame and tag FSR on Facebook to be featured on FSR’s social media channels!

Submit your favorite song that gets you motivated to complete your steps so we can share a full list of songs for Everybody’s Steppin for the Weekend on Spotify to encourage sarcoidosis warriors from around the world to listen and complete their steps!

Email with the name of the artist and song title so we can add it to the list!

Tag FSR in your posts during the weekend of April 24th – 25th so we can reshare and get more people to join us in Everybody’s Steppin for the Weekend!

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