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In Memory of Beth Whitney Lauder

Created by Christine Sacani

Christine Sacani

In remembrance of Beth, one of the most deeply loving, passionate and creative people to grace this planet. Sweet Beth had so much life left to live and give when this debilitating disease ended her time here. Let us find peace in knowing that she is no longer suffering and for those of us blessed to have had her in our life - her guiding light will continue to shine forever. We love you Beth, thank you for fighting as long as you your memory we will fight to find the answers.

Sarcoidosis continues to rob too many wonderful people of their lives too soon. Please join me in honoring their great legacy by helping me to advance sarcoidosis research. With no known cause or cure, thousands continue to suffer everyday. In honor of those we lost and those who continue to fight, we will work to end the suffering from this disease.

Thank you in advance for supporting !


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Recent Donations

1. Elizabeth S Amendolagine
With love, Liz and James Amendolagine
2. Judy Gillen
3. Brian Faulstich
there are no words there are no words For the hole in our heart there are no words For the loss we feel there are no words there are no words For the joy of Beth there are no words For Beth’s love there are no words
4. Rita G
5. Coram & Sanjana Bryant
With hope and love.
6. Lynne & Joe Malinowski
Beth was a treasure to us all and will be greatly missed.
7. Rolf & Lisa Schreiber
Donated with much love in the memory of Beth... who made life on Planet Earth richer for all those that had the privilege of knowing her. We miss her dearly!
8. Jim And Cesca
9. Misa Trotman
Beth will be greatly missed.
10. Phil And Samson Lauder
In honor of Beth and hoping this donation helps to find a cure or treatment for those afflicted with this disease. Much love to you both.
11. Julie & Michael Foulks
With all our love and our hopes for advancements in research and healing
12. Peggy Tai
Missing you everyday…
13. Steven Wittenberg
14. Alison & George Giese
Beth was a shining star on earth, and she is deeply missed. I hope this horrible disease can be cured. Deepest condolences to Phil, Samson, and all of her loved ones.
15. Randy Weiss
16. Randi Richmond
17. Les Sacani
So sorry, Chris.
18. Jean Sacani
19. Diana Choi Sachs
20. Robert Sacani
21. Annette Austin
22. Edie Beaucage
Much love to you and her family.
23. Matt Buckler
24. Véronique And Paul Krenitsky
25. Joanna Johnson
Sorry for the loss of such a lovely soul who was lucky to have you as her friend, as we all are. We love you, Chris!
26. Ken Kwapis
Happy to lend a hand in the fight against this disease.
27. Deena Appel
Thank you for sharing this. I'm heartbroken for your loss.
28. Daniel Coffie
29. Laura Nisbet Peters
There needs to be a cure. Love you, Chris.
30. Peter Paige
31. Joe Lupariello
32. Anonymous
Love you, B! Miss you, B! Thank you for sharing so much of your beautiful soul. Bon voyage!
33. Christine Sacani
doing something important for someone so important...with love.