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In Memory of Wendy Ullmer

Created by Sally Andersen

Wendy Ullmer

Sarcoidosis continues to rob too many wonderful people of their lives too soon. Please join me in honoring their great legacy by helping me to advance sarcoidosis research. With no known cause or cure, thousands continue to suffer everyday. In honor of those we lost and those who continue to fight, we will work to end the suffering from this disease.

As many of you know Wendy was taken from us suddenly and way to soon. We did not have any idea of this diagnosis until it was to late. She didn’t have the chance to fight. Raising awareness and helping with research related to this diagnosis can help out someone else and their family/friends. Hopefully to eliminate suffering from the disease or loss of a loved one.

Wendy was an amazing person to know and we are so lucky to have had her In our lives. She was selfless and a wonderful wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. Wendy was someone who tried to help others wherever and however she could in more ways than one. She was a fighter! She gave her all to anyone and everyone. It came natural to her. Wendy was a nurse and I know it would be really important to her to help others with this diagnosis. She would want to raise awareness and so I would like to do so in her honor.

You can learn more about her story at

Thank you in advance for supporting !


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