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In Memory of Daniel Intile

Created by Karla Intile

Daniel Intile

Danny’s Story

Danny was always an active, hard-working man, who loved his family and friends with everything he had. Growing up he was a fantastic athlete, culminating in his senior year of high school as the Maryland State Champion in the 2-mile in 1981. He could run like the wind. In adulthood, Danny worked in Maryland for Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) as a mechanic and retired in 2020 after 30 years of service. While working at MCPS, Danny started a lawn service as a side business with his children to give them an income while they were in school, and to spend time together. Danny used this time to teach them important lessons about life. Those lessons were that hard work, always keeping your word, and giving something 110% should always be at the root of anything you do.

Starting in his teenage years, even when he was in excellent athletic shape, Danny struggled with high blood pressure. This runs in the family, so he thought this was just going to be something he needed to be aware of during his life. As time progressed, his struggles with extreme high blood pressure and other heart problems continued to surface. He saw many cardiologists and specialists, but all just put him on a cocktail of medications and a low-sodium diet. Nothing seemed to lessen his cardiac problems. Finally, in 2013 he was diagnosed to be in Chronic Heart Failure with Cardiac Sarcoidosis, a disease that little was known about. The doctors he had seen up to that point had no idea how to treat it. Danny was referred to the Advanced Heart Failure team at Medstar Washington Hospital Center in Washington, DC.

Although in good hands with the Medstar team, because there is no cure for Cardiac Sarcoidosis, Danny’s health problems were only able to be managed. His health continued to decline, along with his ability to lead the active lifestyle he once had. The last five years of Danny’s life consisted of many long hospital stays, weeks in physical therapy rehab, and more intervention measures to keep his body going. On August 7, 2021, Danny was admitted to the hospital in severe cardiac arrest. He was intubated and sedated to help him breathe, as he couldn’t on his own. He was never able to be taken off the breathing support. Surrounded by family, Danny passed away on August 20, 2021 at the age of 57.

Our family is committed to picking up his fight against Cardiac Sarcoidosis. With no known cause or cure, thousands continue to suffer every day. Please join us in honoring Danny by donating to advance Cardiac Sarcoidosis research and awareness.

Thank you for supporting this cause in Danny’s memory.


The Family of Danny Intile

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