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Welcome to KISS - ME's Page



Thank you for visiting our team's page!
It's 2019 and what a year it has been.
Let's get going on our fund raiser. This year we will be conducting another virtual run/walk, asking that you get out on your own. I will be traveling to New Orleans, with brother Emile, to participate in the National event. Wish us good luck!
Quick update:
This past year I was informed that the areas of sarc activity have decreased in my brain and heart.
I was invited to be an ambassador for FSR and attended the conference in Washington, DC. Betsy went also, we had a great time. Got to visit with staff members of each of our congressional delegation, asking for support on the various issues facing people with the rare diseases.
Bob Gross, another ambassador for Maine has joined us here at KISS-ME. Bob has also submitted requests with the Governor's Office and the Legislature for resolutions proclaiming April, 2019 as Sarcoidosis Awareness month.

As you might know, the fight against sarcoidosis is a cause that is important to me.

Sarcoidosis is a rare, often chronic inflammatory disorder that causes the formation of granulomas, or clumps of inflammatory cells. This can occur in almost any organ in the body, most commonly affecting the lungs, lymph nodes, skin and eyes. There is currently no known cure for this disease and treatment options are limited and often ineffective.

I have chosen to support the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research (FSR) by fundraising for Team KISS!

KISS stands for Kick In to Stop Sarcoidosis, and that’s what you'll be doing by supporting my page. FSR is the leading nonprofit dedicated to finding a cure for this disease and improving care and treatment options for sarcoidosis patients. The funds all go directly to FSR and their programs for improving patient education, supporting patients and their caretakers, and of course, funding research to find better treatment options and one day, a cure.

Please consider helping me reach my goal. Together, we can Stop Sarcoidosis!




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Supporting the Dynamic Duo, Paul and Emile. KISSing you both:)
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Thank you FSR for all your work! We will do this.