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Calling all SARCCER Players!

Mark Landiak

Mark Landiak

The 4th "SOCCER FOR SARC" Tournament will be hosted once again by the wonderful folks at the Naperville Yard on Friday, May 20th, 2022. (Returning players will tell you that this is a first class facility to play at).

100% proceeds will benefit the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research. (See details below)

Welcome back to all returning players and welcome to all newcomers. My name is Mark Landiak, Tournament Director and Cardiac Sarcoidosis patient. Two of our other soccer mates have also been impacted by this rare and debilitating inflammatory disease for which there is no cure and few approved treatments..

My role as a volunteer Patient Advocate for FSR is to support the organization by: leading a Support Group, talking with newly diagnosed patients, running "Soccer for Sarc" and participating in the "Steps For Sarc" event to raise awareness of this disease and much needed funds for research and patient assistance.

FSR is the leading nonprofit dedicated to finding a cure and improving care/treatment options for sarcoidosis patients.
Sarcoidosis is a rare, often chronic, inflammatory disorder that causes the formation of granulomas, or clumps of inflammatory cells. Sarcoidois can attack any organ in the body causing fibrosis and can lead to organ failure. The disease most commonly affects the lungs, lymph nodes, skin and eyes. Sarcoidosis affects over 175,000 people in the US. There is currently no known cure and treatment options are limited and often ineffective.

All donations go directly to FSR and their programs for improving patient education, supporting patients and their caretakers, and of course, funding research to find better treatment options and one day, a cure.

Please consider becoming one of our SARCCER Players by playing in our tournament or supporting the cause as one of our donor fans.
**There is no set fee to play in or support our event. Please be as generous as you can and make any tax deductible donation you see fit.

I am eternally grateful for all the support that my friends in the soccer community, family and others have provided to me as I went through the most difficult years of my illness and on a daily basis as I continue to work through the many ups and downs of treatment and recovery. Sarcoidosis attacked my heart without warning in 2011. My prognosis was not good, but through the grace of God and an amazing medical team, I made an unlikely recovery. I'm not 100%, but blessed to be functional again and appreciate each day as a gift. Thousands of my fellow Sarcoidosis patients are not as fortunate in their battle with this disease and this fundraising event is on their behalf.

Thank-you for your support - Mark

Thank you once again to our Premier Sponsor, the Naperville Yard for donating time and space for this event.


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