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Welcome to Pete's Page

Pete Friedmann

Pete Friedmann

Thank you for visiting my page!

As you might know, the fight against sarcoidosis is a cause that is important to me. I was diagnosed with cardiac sarcoidosis in 2017.

Sarcoidosis is a rare, often chronic inflammatory disorder that causes the formation of granulomas, or clumps of inflammatory cells. This can occur in almost any organ in the body, most commonly affecting the lungs and lymph nodes. While this disease affects as many as 200,000 Americans, there is currently no known cure. Treatment options are limited and can be ineffective.

Cardiac sarcoidosis is especially rare. However, I am fortunate to have access to outstanding health care and a team of professionals I trust completely. Most days, I feel fine.

Although I've been very open about having a pacemaker, until 2018 I was reluctant to disclose my illness and put a name on the disease. However, I've come to the conclusion that more important than privacy or modesty is the need to find a cure.

I have chosen to support the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research (FSR) by fundraising for Team KISS.

KISS stands for "Kick In to Stop Sarcoidosis," and that’s what you'll be doing by supporting my page. FSR is the leading nonprofit dedicated to finding a cure for this disease and improving care and treatment options for sarcoidosis patients. The funds all go directly to FSR and their programs for improving patient education, supporting patients and their caretakers, and funding research to find better treatment options and -- one day -- a cure.

Please don't feel obligated to donate, but at least consider helping me reach my goal. Together, we can Stop Sarcoidosis!

- Pete


raised of $6,000 goal

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Pete- Thinking of you and hope this helps the fight!
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4. John Kinsella
Pete, I have so many great memories from the Wheaton band concerts as a kid. In each one of them, I can hear your voice. Combine that with the smell of popcorn and bug spray and it's enough to take me back. Thanks for the great memories, keep up the good fight, and Go 'Cats!
5. David R. Anderson
Peter Friedman is and has always been one of the nicest and smart persons I have had the honor to know. Best to him in his new challenge.
6. Alexander R. And Marianne R. Lerner