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Heidi Junk

Heidi Junk

Dear family and friends,
I would greatly appreciate your support, again, to raise awareness and much needed funding for sarcoidosis research. Sarcoidosis is a rare, chronic, inflammatory disorder that can damage any organ in the body. There is no known cure, and treatment options are limited and often ineffective.

I was officially diagnosed in January 2013, since then the disease has impacted my liver, spleen, lungs, lymph nodes, joints, nerves and digestive system. Almost a year ago, my doctors recommended a new infusion treatment because the prior treatments were not slowing the progression of the disease. After a long insurance battle, I started the new treatment in September 2018. Unfortunately, my team of doctors and I think it too is not slowing the disease. The sarcoidosis continues to progress, causing more nerve damage and autonomic dysfunction. We are now looking to even more experimental treatments and never-before-tried combinations of medications to try to control the disease. This is why research is critical to sarcoidosis patients - it can lead to more treatment options that we so desperately need.

This year I am fundraising once again for the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research. FSR is the leading nonprofit dedicated to finding a cure for this disease and improving care and treatment options. April is Sarcoidosis Awareness month. Please help me make a difference by donating to FSR and their great work. FSR empowers patients, funds vital research, engages key stakeholders, and fills the gaps that exist in the sarcoidosis field. The best and brightest are now partnering with FSR; they have built a formidable army against this disease.

I just started my third year as a Patient Ambassador (see the picture above of me with my fellow Ambassadors) and I am also the Patient’s Voice Advocate on a steering committee working to create agreed upon end points for sarcoidosis clinical trials. Partnering with FSR, I am on the front lines of making a difference. I see the amazing work that they are doing first hand.

Your generosity last year blew me away. I am so very grateful. I graciously reach out again for your support. I’m excited to see what we can achieve together this year. Any amount makes a difference, and has impact that is felt.

Funding = Research = More treatment options = Better quality of life.

Thank you for being a part of this equation. Together we can stop this devastating disease.

Much love,


raised of $15,000 goal

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